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MDR Transport Vehicle Distribution Management
MDR Transport Manager is a vehicle distribution management system, vehicles are managed from the acceptance of the order
through to the invoicing stage. Vehicle deliveries are displayed on an operations screen awaiting allocation, once allocated data
is available by a driver filter or date of allocation. Vehicle allocations can be un-allocated and re-allocated up until the invoice
is produced, accounts however can be adjusted and reset in the event of incorrect or inaccurate data being entered by the
operations staff. A full archival system is available and data once archived is always available for viewing.
MDR Transport Manager
also has an optional integrated job dispatch 'MDT Manager' module included for Sigtec'sJob Dispatch
Management System or SMS Message via SMS Manager software.
Accounting data is extracted and passed to Quickbooks for invoicing and debtor management.
The MDR Transport Manager software is available in single or multi user modes.

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MDR Transport Manager Booking Screen